Life insurance helps you plan for the future by ensuring that loved ones will be financially taken care of when you die, and providing coverage for expenses like mortgage payments, funeral costs, health care bills, and other necessities that your beneficiaries may not be able to cover without it....

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Since 1998, sexual harassment policies have been based on legal protection and risk management to avoid liability in a lawsuit. But it’s 2019 and #MeToo has taken the world by storm. We’ve learned that policies that previously worked in the workplace may not truly be enough to create a safe and c...

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When running a business, preventing theft should always be a top priority. However, threat isn’t always coming from where one may assume. Unfortunately, some of the people you should be most concerned about are those you trust the most. Employee theft is surprisingly a major concern for business ...

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When you’re building your life with someone else, the foundation that the two of you are laying must be protected with what life insurance for married couples provides.

Just after marriage is the perfect time to obtain life insurance or update your existing polices because it’s when you begin sh...

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The responsibility of protecting the sensitive personal and corporate data provided by your client or customer base can be heavy. Names, addresses, employee identification numbers, Social Security numbers, and credit card information can all be used by hackers to create and use fake identities. I...

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There are many aspects that influence shopping for home insurance and finding the policy that best suits your needs. Your policy is only as good as the contract itself. There are ways to balance price with value if you can understand the basics behind your home insurance policy.

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Inevitably, each year presents its set of highs and lows; and it’s just as important to celebrate an achievement as it is to assess and learn from the set backs. To set yourself up for a successful upcoming year, it’s necessary to evaluate the past one and learn from any mistakes.

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As a host, you’re most likely thinking of decorations, food and music when you plan a party. However there are other things to be aware of when hosting. Large parties increase the risk of property damage, and depending on the type of party you’ll be hosting, you may need to take some precautions ...

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When water freezes in pipes, it puts tremendous pressure on them. No matter the strength, the ice can cause pipes to break. Pipes that freeze are most frequently due to exposure of severe cold outdoors (hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, and water sprinkler lines), water supply pipes in unhea...

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Insurance Services

  • Comprehensive Business Insurance Solutions

    We have earned the trust of businesses throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, serving their insurance needs for the past five decades. Businesses look to IFS Insurance because of our expertise, our paralleled service and our commitment to provide them with competitively priced insurance products designed to protect their unique exposures.Firms large and small also look to us because of our independence. We work with a network of leading markets to get the right mix of insurance coverages for customers, ensuring that clients’ best interest is always a priority. It is this very independence that affords us the ability to offer options to commercial insurance clients and to negotiate on their behalf so their needs are being properly addressed.
  • Comprehensive Business Auto Insurance Solutions

    Perhaps you have a fleet of vehicles or no company cars whatsoever – in either case when you have employees behind the wheel on company business, it’s best that you are protected with Commercial Auto insurance. This includes even if your employees use their own personal vehicles to conduct business. Whether it’s to visit a job site, go on a sales call or drive to a conference cross state, if an employee has an accident and is responsible for injuries to the other driver or damage to the other vehicle, your business is the one with the deeper pockets. The employee’s personal auto insurance will kick in, but what if it’s not enough because the limits are too low or the injuries are too great? The injured party will look to you.IFS Insurance provides firms with Commercial Auto insurance that includes coverage for hired and non-owned autos.
  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Solutions

    Liability insurance is something all businesses purchase but there is a lot that goes into determining the scope and extent of the coverage needed. Factors, such as the type of business, its size, location, operation, products, and services, among many others, have to be carefully considered to determine how much coverage to purchase, how much risk to retain (your deductible), the policy terms and what enhancements and additional coverage are required to have a true end-to-end solution.The IFS Insurance staff is experienced in writing all types of business throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. We will meet with you and your staff to review your operation so we understand the products and/or services you provide and the risks involved in providing them. We will also walk through your operation to see where hidden exposures may lay and make recommendations as to how to minimize the risks they present.
  • Comprehensive Management Liability Insurance Solutions

    Whether you’re an attorney accused of having a conflict of interest in representing a case or a contractor responsible for the design/build of a project, as a professional you are at risk of liability claims involving your work that cannot only impact your bottom line but also your reputation. In addition, all businesses face employment practices exposures, as this has increasingly become a complex area for companies to navigate as a result of tougher and expanded regulations, a proactive Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and emerging issues such as wage-and-hour disputes coming into the forefront. Additionally, directors and officers of companies are increasingly in the hot seat for allegations of employment practices violations, failure to prevent a data breach, and other management liability issues.At IFS Insurance, we have our pulse on the types of issues that can land individuals, company and its management in litigation, and provide the solutions needed to respond.
  • Comprehensive Property Insurance Solutions

    Owning a business means owning a lot of behind-the-scenes risks. You have a great deal of capital tied up in your business property, and it needs to be protected from loss. IFS Insurance can provide you with customized Property coverage based on your specific operation and risk profile.Property insurance will not only protect the buildings you own but also their contents as well as business property off the premises, either stored or in transit. Under a Commercial Property policy, your property is generally protected against perils such as fire, windstorm, burst pipes, theft and vandalism. Your program can also be enhanced with endorsements or by adding additional policies to cover other risks, including employee crime, equipment breakdown, flood and more.
  • Comprehensive Workers’ Comp Insurance Solutions

    IFS Insurance is committed to helping our clients contain their Workers’ Compensation costs by creating a culture that emphasizes safety. We will help you find an insurance provider that offers not only excellent coverage at affordable prices but also strong risk management and effective claims services that can assist in minimizing on-the-job injuries and getting injured employees returning to work as soon as they can.We can also assist you with information on OSHA compliance and other regulatory and injury-prevention measures, including poster campaigns, training programs, periodic safety reviews, fire prevention and emergency response efforts, and more. In addition, many of our insurer partners offer return-to-work programs and medical review assistance that can help injured workers recover and reintegrate faster. This helps to boost productivity and morale and keep your costs lower.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for the Construction Industry

    The construction industry over the last several years or so has seen steady growth around the country including in our own backyard of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Green building continues to grow, for example, in both the residential and commercial sectors. A booming multifamily housing industry boosted construction growth in the last few years, with single-family construction picking up and remodeling in the luxury market experiencing a banner year. The public sector also contributed to the health of the construction industry.With this growth also comes increased risk including the fact the construction sector has seen an uptick in worksite accidents and safety violations due in part to labor shortages and tighter regulation.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Educational Institutions

    IFS Insurance, one of the largest independently owned and operated insurance agencies throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, specializes in serving the needs of educational institutions. This includes public, private, and scholastic educational institutions – from K-12 schools to colleges and universities, trade and vocational schools, charter schools, and schools associated with religious institutions. We understand the many and diverse risks today’s educational institutions face, including losses that arise from security issues, emergency events, data breaches, accusations of sexual and physical molestation, and many others. We have the team of experts to provide affordable, broad insurance coverage.IFS partners with leading insurance carriers that have developed custom programs to respond to the exposures and vulnerabilities of educational institutions.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Nonprofits & Social Services

    Nonprofits and social services organizations are crucial to the vitality of our neighborhoods – from faith-based organizations and charities that provide individuals and families with access to critical programs and assistance to improve lives, to the wide range of community action agencies that help people achieve self-sufficiency, and the contributions to society by the non-profit arts and cultural sector, among others. Important to each of these types of organization is being able to continue to deliver the services and work they do in our communities. IFS Insurance is proud to support their efforts by offering comprehensive, affordable insurance programs that enable nonprofits to safeguard their organizations from the various risks posed by the services they provide.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Property Management Firms

    As a property management firm, you need the right type of insurance to protect your business, your employees and the properties you manage for others – whether you are involved in renting or leasing commercial real estate to others, working as a habitational property manager responsible for apartments or condos or managing rental properties for others or contracting services for rental properties owners. With more than five decades in the insurance industry, we have built a reputation in the business communities we serve throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey second to none. At IFS Insurance, we are known for our experience, expertise, integrity, transparency and commitment to effectively serve our clients.There are a number of risks facing property management firms, each with the potential to upend an organization should a significant loss occur.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Tech & Medical Industries

    IFS Insurance provides technology and life science businesses of all sizes with holistic and forward-thinking insurance solutions, working with top-tier insurance carriers that have focused in this specialty area for years. Our goal is to help businesses anticipate, prepare for and manage their risks with comprehensive, competitive coverage.We understand that innovation and risk-taking is inherent in what you do and as a result bring unique exposures that require the type of expertise our staff offers. For example, it is vital to protect your property, including any research, animals and medical records that can be lost or damaged. It’s also critical to have the right type of Business Income insurance to respond in the event a milestone is missed that results in losing a research grant or other funding.

Business & Personal Insurance and Bonds

For more than five decades, IFS Insurance, one of the largest independently owned and operated insurance agencies in the area, has been partnering with individuals and businesses throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey to help you achieve your short and long-term insurance goals. Our aim is to protect all you’ve worked so hard to attain – whether you’re venturing out and setting up your own business, have an established company or looking to expand your operations. We’re also there for individuals and their families as they achieve life’s milestones – from your first home purchase to settling into a larger house to accommodate a growing brood or buying the vacation home you’ve always dreamed about.

Your IFS team is comprised of a group of experienced, professional advisors who specialize in their own respective disciplines: business insurance, personal insurance and bonds. For your business insurance needs, we’ll take the time to get to know you, your operation and goals so that we can align your insurance program to address your exposures today and into the future. We understand that no two businesses are alike and will customize your coverages to fit your risk profile.

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